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About Forward Lookers


Brief History

From a seed planted by Mary Church Terrell Literary Club in 1972, Forward Lookers Federated Club had its beginning in Jackson, Mississippi. The young adult club began as two groups, under the auspices of the late Clara Alexander Jackson and Jessie B. Mosley.


Like the National Association of Colored Women's Clubs (NACWC), the Forward Lookers Federated Club (FLFC) has a three-fold objective: (1) to help others improve the quality of their lives, (2) to bind together women, young adults, and youth for social, moral, religious, and educational betterment, and (3) to raise to the highest level in the home, moral consciousness and civic life.



Forward Lookers' Annual Project is culminated each February via the Heritage Luncheon, celebrating African American History Month. Club members are striving daily to uphold the Club's mission: "Lifting As We Climb."

Oakley Youth Development Center (formerly the Oakley Training School), Stewpot, Burlington Coat Drive, and Trunks for Seniors are just a few of the many service projects of the Forward Lookers.

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