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Mrs. Monocia "Monica" Connors

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I bring you warm, heartfelt greetings on behalf of the Forward Lookers Federated Club. This distinguished club has a rich history dating back to 1972. This is our 50th Year Anniversary and our 36th Year Heritage Celebration, and we are dedicated to community service, awarding scholarships, and helping to lift others. Our motto is “Lifting As We Climb” because we have a deep commitment to work toward our three-fold objective: (1) to help others improve the quality of their lives, (2) to bind together women, young adults, and youth for social, moral, religious, and educational betterment, and (3) to raise to the highest level in the home, moral consciousness, and civic life.


Due to COVID-19 and the recent Omicron variant, vaccinations and rapid spread of the virus, the world’s population focus is to minimize social gathering and to stay healthy. Yet, Forward Lookers Federated Club continues to volunteer at Stewpot and provide food for those in need, partner with Jackson Public School during crises, provide “Trucks for Seniors” going off to college, mentor their scholars in a special A-TEAAM program, and a new initiative to “Adopt-a-Teacher” project. We donate blankets, coats, bed linen, and cleaning supplies to needy individuals and agencies. We have continued, ever since the 1970’s, to make Oakley Youth Development Center a priority. Annually, at Christmas, we provide supplies for the youth and support for the staff.


We, the members of the Forward Lookers Federated Club remain objective, share good fellowship, pull together in unity, we make every effort to stop the progression of social and moral problems, elevate other women and families, and we remember the importance of lifting others.




Monocia Connors

aka "Monica" 

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